Principles of Modeling for Cyber-Physical Systems

University of Virginia

A tentative schedule is posted below. Detailed lecture by lecture schedule will be posted soon.





Week 1


Course introduction

Lecture 1



First-principles and state-space


Assignment 1
Lecture 2

Week 2

Energy CPS

Energy CPS and HVAC basics

Lecture 3


Energy CPS

‘RC’ network building modeling

Assignment 2

Lecture 4

Week 3

Energy CPS

Introduction to EnergyPlus

+ Tutorial

Lecture 5


Energy CPS

Parameter estimation algorithms

Assignment 3

Lecture 6

Week 4

Energy CPS

Model validation

Assignment 4

Lecture 7


Energy CPS

Model Sensitivity Analysis

Lecture 8

Week 5

Energy CPS

Model Predictive Control

Lecture 9





Week 6


Medical CPS

Med CPS overview + implantable

Cardiac devices

Lecture 10

Lecture 11


Medical CPS

Virtual heart modeling with timed


Lecture 12

Assignment 5

Week 7

Medical CPS

Model checking

Lecture 13


Medical CPS

UPPAAL tutorial

Worksheet 7 out

Worksheet 6 due

Week 8

Medical CPS

Simulink model walkthrough



Medical CPS

UPPAAL worksheet discussion

Worksheet 7 due.

Reading assignment

Week 9

Medical CPS

Parameter synthesis for timed




Medical CPS

Other heart models


Week 10

Automotive CPS

Automotive CPS overview

 Worksheet 8 out


Automotive CPS

Perception, planning, and control

for autonomous cars.


Week 11

Automotive CPS

NN and multilayer perceptron

Worksheet 9 out

Worksheet 8 due


Automotive CPS

Convolution NN


Week 12

Automotive CPS

End-to-end learning overview

Worksheet 10 out

Worksheet 9 due


Automotive CPS

Auto CPS implementation discussion

+ walkthrough


Week 13


Automotive CPS

Data-driven modeling other examples

Tree based models, ensemble learning

Worksheet 10 due



Course wrap up.