Principles of Modeling for Cyber-Physical Systems

University of Virginia


Several assignments require the use of Matlab products and toolboxes.

Campus-wide license for MATLAB, Simulink, and companion toolboxes

MathWorks has created a web portal for UVa faculty, staff, and students to download, install and activate the latest version of Matlab and the toolboxes included as part of the campus-wide license.
The portal also provides access to the MathWork’s online course offerings.
The following URL starts the process of accessing the MathWorks portal.
Contact for questions regarding access to Matlab licenses.

Course assignments will be posted here.

Assignment 1 : State-Space Modeling in Matlab

Assignment 1
Due Date: 8th Septermber 2020 @ 11:59pm
Submit on UVA collab. Upload a single .zip file with the filename [firstname_lastname_UVA_computing_ID].zip

Assignment 2 : Thermal 'RC" Modeling

Assignment 2
Due Date: 22nd Septermber 2020 @ 11:59pm
Non-programming assignment. Upload a single .pdf file with the filename [firstname_lastname_UVA_computing_ID].pdf

Assignment 3 : Parameter Estimation

Assignment 3
MATLAB Templates
Due Date: Oct 20, 20120 @2:00 pm @ 11:59pm
Upload a single .zip file with the filename [firstname_lastname_UVA_computing_ID].zip - Share both your part 1 and part 2 directories. For non-programming parts - submit a single pdf for the entire assignment.

Suggested Reading : Cardiac Pacemaker StepByStep


No submission required.

Assignment 4 : Heart Modeling using Simulink/Stateflow

Assignment 5
Simulink Model Template
Due Date: Nov 19, 2020 by 11:59pm
Upload a single .zip file with the filename [firstname_lastname_UVA_computing_ID].zip

Assignment 5 : Transition Systems and Linear Temporal Logic

Assignment 5
Due Date: Dec 02, 2020 by 11:59pm
This is a non-programming assignment. You should upload and submit a single PDF file with the filename [firstname_lastname_UVA_computing_ID].PDF

UPPAAL Small Tutorial

No submission required.