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Spring 2019

This course is a special topics class and is cross-listed with both Computer Science, and Systems & Information Engineering

Course Number

CS 4501 Section 003
SYS 4582 Section 002

+ Labs

MoWe 2:00PM - 3:15PM
Mondays - lecture
Wednesdays - lab session/demos

Rice Hall

Room 120
[Ground Floor]
Requires card access

Join Piazza

We will be using Piazza for course discussions in the class.
[Link to Piazza]

F1/10 Grading
Create awesome websites!

Honor Code

We believe strongly in the value of a community of trust, and expect all of the students in this class to contribute to strenghtening and enhancing that community. The course will be better for everyone if everyone can assume everyone else is trustworthy. The course staff starts with the assumption that all students at the university deserve to be trusted. Finding or trying to find solutions online only defeats the purpose of learning.

Computer Failures

Computer failures (e.g. server failures, network failures, power outages, etc.) are a fact of life. Plan your project to be able to cope with this degree of uncertainty. Short failures will be considered to be part of the normal course of events. In the case of catastrophic failures (which last more than 12 hours), notify your teaching assistants.